No matter where you're experiencing pain – we're here for you.

Discover how you can benefit from our holistic therapy.

A digital experience – as personalized as never before

We combine artificial intelligence with physiotherapy, mindfulness, breathing exercises, and education to address the root of your pain

Based on your individual pain profile

Pain is complex, feels different for each person, and is influenced by many factors. That's why we're interested in your unique pain profile.

AI-supported physiotherapy

Our AI-supported physiotherapy adapts to your individual needs to specifically alleviate pain and improve your quality of life.

Meditation and breathing exercises

Our meditation and breathing exercises offer tailored approaches to reduce pain and increase your well-being – customized to your personal needs.

Your Health Dashboard

Your Health Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your health journey. Track the progress of different pain areas, view detailed health statistics, and customize your wellness plan – all in one place.

What our users love about medicalmotion

Great recommendation! I have limitations in my legs and no app has ever taken this into account before. The app really helps me a lot!

medicalmotion user

Really great app! I suffered from knee-back and headaches for a long time and tried a lot of things. With medicalmotion, my pain has finally improved significantly.

medicalmotion user

I have been using this app for several years. I am finally pain-free. Doctors have not been able to do that. Thank you so much!!!

Taa Za
medicalmotion user

I tried medicalmotion on recommendation and was completely satisfied! I had a slipped disc and was pain-free after 3 months.

medicalmotion user

How we make your pain management easier

Document where it hurts

Keep track of triggers and recognize possible pain patterns thanks to your personal pain diary.

Just breathe

Our specially designed breathing exercises provide pain relief and relaxation.

Export your pain report

Share all important information about your pain and therapy with your doctors and physiotherapists.

Set your weekly goals

Approach your pain systematically and keep an eye on your personal milestones.

Contact your physiotherapists.

Our experienced team is happy to help you make your pain therapy even more effective.

Remind yourself of your therapy.

Thanks to the reminder function and widget, you won't miss a single exercise session.

Therapy for head, foot, and everything in between.

Our highly individual therapy recommendations support you specifically and always keep your personal needs in mind.

More than just pain relief.

We not only alleviate symptoms; with our holistic approach, we also want to show you the path to a healthier and happier life.

Get the help you need.

Every day is different – and that applies to your pain too. That's why our recommendations are based on your feedback – so we can meet you exactly where you are.

Take control of your pain

Start your journey towards pain management empowerment today.