Empowering individuals to achieve their optimal health and well-being.

We imagine a world in which each of us goes about our daily lives with vitality and satisfaction, and enjoys restful sleep at night.

Cause-oriented solutions for long-lasting relief and well-being.

We attach great importance to a holistic therapeutic approach that does justice to the complex interrelationships in the human body. With our cause-oriented solutions, we offer highly individualized therapies. For us, the focus is on the body as a whole: this enables us to provide people with pain with lasting relief and an improved sense of well-being - from head to toe.

Crafting the world's foremost engaging and effective AI-powered pain therapy.

Our mission: We are redefining pain therapy. Using state-of-the-art technology, we are developing the world's most holistic and effective therapy for people suffering from pain. And it's fun too.

Our success formula: Experienced experts + state-of-the-art technology.

We leverage the exceptional medical expertise of seasoned doctors and physiotherapists, seamlessly integrating this invaluable knowledge with cutting-edge technology. The outcome is highly personalized solutions that alleviate symptoms and address the underlying causes of pain.

What makes us unique


Customized pain therapy: every step, every solution, individually tailored to the patient's needs.

Holistic approach

Multimodal therapy from head to toe that focuses on the causes instead of simply treating symptoms.

Easy-to use and beautifully designed

Convenient operation, clear design: the way to a better quality of life is through a user-friendly application.

Milestones that we are proud of

Our backstory: In 2017, brothers Sven and Tobias Klimpel had had enough: personally affected by multiple pains and unsuccessfully searching for relief for many years, they decided to take their pain therapy into their own hands. The foundation was laid with the founding of medicalmotion GmbH - and the idea of individualizing multimodal, holistic pain therapy was born.

Munich, DE

In 2019, specialist medical information, scientific research findings and empirical knowledge were combined with artificial intelligence (AI) for the first time. The result of four years of intensive research into the complex treatment of multiple pain was given a new home with the medicalmotion app and was now also available to other sufferers.

First web version of medicalmotion

In 2020, medicalmotion started working with health insurance providers. The first contracts were concluded with health insurance companies in Germany and Switzerland. At the same time, the product continued to develop - over 1,000 pain patients took part in extensive tests.

Extensive tests from our patients

In 2022, the first studies on the effectiveness of medicalmotion were published - more than five studies have since confirmed the effectiveness and patient satisfaction. The simultaneous linking of artificial intelligence with the medicalmotion app was an important step on our way to highly individualized pain therapy.

Individualized pain therapy with AI

2024 saw the launch of the Pain Lab, a data pool for pain analysis and healthcare research. A new interface allows our physiotherapists to make adjustments for users in real time. More than 23 health insurance companies currently cover the costs of the medicalmotion app for their policyholders - and the number is growing all the time.

Health data in the medicalmotion app

The Pain Lab: Our lab offers insights into the world of pain patients and promises to revolutionize research.

Patients treated everywhere

Meet our advisory board

Dr. med. Robert Percy Marshall

Chief Medical Officer


Edo Hemar

Therapeutic director


Inga Bergen

Non Executive Board Member


Prof. Dr. David Matusiewicz

Non Executive Board Member


Dr. Tom Bayne

Investor, Advisor


Jordan Dow, MD

Non Executive Board Member


Kiran Krishnan

Investor, Advisor


Roman Rosenkranz

Advisor, Investor


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Our team’s virtues

Seek Perfection

Never give up; stay resilient, act decisively, and see setbacks as opportunities for growth – thus, you'll always stay on the path to success.

Don't give up

Stay resilient, act decisively and see setbacks as opportunities for growth - this will keep you on the road to success.

Think big

Dare to dream boldly: develop ambitious goals and innovative solutions to drive meaningful changes in healthcare.


Put patients first: Ensure that every action is guided by a deep commitment to their wellbeing and experience.

Think differently

Support innovation: challenge norms, explore new perspectives and encourage creativity to reshape healthcare.

Less is more

Emphasize simplicity and effectiveness: optimize processes to achieve greater impact with fewer resources.

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