Relieve your pain.
From head to toe.
At your pace.

medicalmotion provides 100% individualized therapy. Each therapy session is tailored to your unique body, your specific pain type, and how you’re progressing. Relief is at your finger tips and takes just 15 minutes per day

Many health insurance companies cover the cost of medicalmotion. In the link below, check whether yours is already on board.

Based on science

Developed by physicians and physiotherapists on the basis of international guidelines

Certified medical device

medicalmotion is a class 1 MDD medical device

Fully DSGVO compliant

Meeting highest data protection and data security standards — including servers located in Germany

Let’s get to the root of your pain. Together.

Treating pain effectively means combating pain at its source. And the source of every person’s pain is unique. That’s why we built medicalmotion; the world’s first and only therapy solution that treats pain at its source and is 100% tailored to each person. It adapts to you every time you use it. Helping you get over your pain effectively, step by step.

What we cover

Head & face



Tinnitus Aurium






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Easy-to-use 15 minute sessions – anytime, anywhere

medicalmotion provides highly individualized recommendations in bite-sized units of 15 minutes per day. Your personal suggestions are at your fingertips within seconds via our app — so you have more time again for the things you love.

Pain therapy – as unique as you

Each person’s pain is 100% unique. Each person’s pain is impacted by their lifestyle, history of injuries, pre-existing conditions, one’s profession and other individual factors.

This complexity is what makes medicalmotion different. We factor this all in to provide you with therapy that adapts to you, each day and each time you use it.

Combining the power of human & artificial intelligence

Our unique technology-driven therapy is powered by combining doctors & therapist input with the wonders of artificial intelligence.

This ensures each session you receive is medically-certified by world-leading doctors yet adapts to the intricacies of your body and pain with artificial intelligence.

Your pain is complex. Treating it doesn’t need to be.

Multi-modal therapy. 100% customized. Just for you.

In addition to customized physiotherapy, each customer also receives tailored relaxation-exercises and meditations, educational content about your pain-type and therapy, and instructive podcasts.

Our certified physiotherapists are also available via chat whenever you need them.

We’ve got your back. Literally.

Progress needs flexibility.

You actively shape your recommendations —because that’s how our technology becomes more customized to your body, pain, and progress. Your daily feedback helps our artificial intelligence to adapt your recommendations to you on a daily basis and to grow hand-in-hand with you.

You are never alone.

Your feedback is very important to our specially trained physiotherapists. Via chat, they are always there for you and adapt your medicalmotion recommendations to your feedback — supported by our artificial intelligence.

Noticeably less discomfort within 8 weeks

based on the results of surveys among users before and after training

perceive an improvement in symptoms
happy patients
patient satisfaction

"It's a wonderful way to do something good for yourself (almost) every day without much effort. And the suggested exercises are always adapted to the needs: sometimes the back needs special attention, sometimes headaches plague, sometimes the knees hurt. And the exercises are always tailored to that. I am very grateful for this offer and feel well supported by it in dealing with myself carefully."


"I tried medicalmotion on recommendation and I am completely satisfied. I had a slipped disc and was able to counteract the pain with the help of the exercises. After 3 months I was relatively pain-free. However, I will continue to integrate the exercises into my daily routine to prevent further pain."


"Hello dear medicalmotion team, I am only a few days in the game, but already very enthusiastic. I am a pain patient due to spinal and muscular problems. At the moment I still have a 6 cm Baker's cyst in the back of my knee, which is causing me a lot of pain in my left leg. The app really helps me a lot."


"Hello to all who are also struggling with daily pain. For an incredibly long time I have suffered from pain in all areas of the spine, but especially in the lumbar spine, in the meantime with radiation into the legs. I came across the app in January and am very excited. I do the exercises every day and my general condition has already improved after a short time. Thank you very much for the effective exercises and the personal support. I will stay with it"


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