Instructions for use for doctors and therapists "medicalmotion"

AI-assisted pain management for the support and prevention of neuro-musculoskeletal conditions.

Version 4.0
Date: 08/26/2022

Welcome to medicalmotion!

We are pleased that you are interested in medicalmotion as well as our app. With the help of our medicalmotion app, we would like to support you in promoting the health of your patient:s.  We want to help people to eliminate their pain and tension and to improve their mobility preventively. With our newly developed therapy approach, we would like to support your patient:s in actively counteracting pain and tension in everyday life.

In the following sections, we have compiled the most important information for you. If questions arise, you or your patients are welcome to contact us via chat within the medicalmotion app or by mail to

1. What is behind medicalmotion?

medicalmotion GmbH is a medical technology healthcare company founded by doctors:inside, scientists:inside and engineers:inside to link first-class expert knowledge and international guidelines within innovative and holistic therapy concepts. Thanks to advanced technology, this knowledge can be made available to everyone in a highly precise and individualized way.

Based on the information and feedback provided by patients, the medicalmotion platform offers daily customized recommendations in the areas of relaxation, exercise and strength, which can help to supportively treat pain and tension as well as preventively improve mobility. In addition, patients have access to a wide range of exciting and informative podcasts with lots of interesting content, a selection of various relaxation exercises, a diary of pain symptoms and direct access to physiotherapists via chat. In case of abnormalities (e.g. worsening of well-being), users are advised to contact their doctor/physiotherapist and clarify further steps. For improved communication, users can share the data with physicians/physiotherapists.

2. Instructions for use

With the help of these instructions for use, we would like to provide you with some application notes as well as assistance and also show for which patient:ing group our app can be used in a supportive manner.

Target group

The medicalmotion app offers a comprehensive range of products for the relief and treatment of pain and tension. The focus here is on neuromusculoskeletal disorders, but medicalmotion can also be used in a supportive manner for neurological clinical pictures such as restless legs. The app is aimed at people with acute or chronic pain as well as those who want to prevent discomfort.


Unless otherwise instructed by a physician, we recommend that patient:s perform the medicalmotion training session daily at best, but at least three times per week for optimal improvement of their health.

Possible applications/areas

The medicalmotion app can be used for both rehabilitative and preventive purposes and can thus significantly support the therapy process. Within the app, it is possible to create reports for physicians and physiotherapists in order to incorporate the results into the course of therapy.

It should be noted that medicalmotion does not provide a diagnosis of a disease or any injuries and potentially dangerous causes of pain symptoms can therefore not be excluded with certainty. The use of the medicalmotion app does not replace medical advice. In case of questions in connection with the diagnosis, patient:s should contact the attending physician or therapist.

The image excerpts from the app used in the instructions for use show the display on Apple devices. The representation on devices using an Android operating system may differ slightly from this representation.

3. Legal requirement for the use & processing of personal data

At the beginning of the first use of the app, patients confirm - as a condition of use - that they

  • are at least 18 years old,
  • have read and accepted the medicalmotion T&Cs, and
  • have read and accepted the medicalmotion privacy policy and consent to the processing of their personal health data by medicalmotion GmbH.

The purpose of the data processing is to support the patient:in their therapeutic training and to help them reduce their pain and tension and to improve their mobility preventively. Personal health data is only processed in Germany.

4. Medical condition for use

The prerequisite for using the app is a stable general state of health.


Medicalmotion therapy should only be used if none of the following contraindications are present, unless the exercises are deemed by you to be safe for the patient:

  • Skin sensitivity disorder
  • Large skin defects or severe burns
  • Thrombosis
  • Psychosis
  • Pregnancies
  • Pulmonary failure
  • Bleeding tendency, history of increased bleeding, or use of anticoagulant medications
  • Gait unsteadiness or frequent fall events
  • Rheumatic diseases
  • Decreased bone density
  • Advanced heart disease
  • Free joint bodies
  • Spinal tumors
  • Spinal or joint infections
  • Previous hip or knee surgery
  • Neurological treatment
  • Previous spinal surgery
  • Acute inflammation or fever
  • sensorimotor disorders
  • cramp-like pain
  • painless muscle weakness
  • severe pain at rest
  • sudden disorientation
  • sudden strong inner restlessness
  • severe pain after a fall

5. Safety instructions and side effects

5.1 Safety instructions

Notice. The medicalmotion app should not be used if the patient does not understand anything in the instructions or does not have sufficient command of the language.

Notice. The medicalmotion app should not be used if the patient is younger than 18.

5.2 Side effects

Side effects describe undesirable effects that may occur when using the app as intended. Currently, medicalmotion GmbH is not aware of any side effects.

6. Therapeutic concept

In the first step, we will explain the differences to conventional digital therapies so that we can then better show you how they work.

6.1 Individual recommendations

The expert system developed by medicalmotion GmbH processes, among other things, anatomical principles, functional relationships and the effects of diagnoses and complaints on these functional relationships. Due to the possibility of taking into account multiple pain indications as well as diagnoses, the exercise recommendations are created according to the latest scientific standards and in relation to everyday professional life, athletic behavior, diagnoses and anatomical basics. With the help of this expert system, an individual exercise selection is made, which can take into account the complexity of the body to an unprecedented extent and also processes the individual combination of everyday stress and complaints. Other information, such as daily well-being, can also influence the exercise selection. The adaptation of the exercise to changes in the complaint pattern and the specified diagnoses takes place in real time.

The focus is on adapting a new type of exercise recommendation that takes into account all of the user's changes at all times, resulting not only in an adaptation of different difficulty levels of individual exercises depending on the development of pain. Rather, updated information in all areas is included in the exercise selection, so that, for example, the focus of the exercise recommendations shifts from one body area to another.

6.2 Dynamic recommendations

Our focus is on the patient, whose individual daily routine, pain, well-being or movement restrictions may change on a daily basis. This information is processed and taken into account when selecting exercises for each patient in real time, so that each patient is recommended the exercises that are right for him or her on a daily basis.

6.3 Interdisciplinary cooperation

The medicalmotion app enables patients to share data with medical staff, such as doctors and physiotherapists, using a PDF report. With the help of the PDF report, the findings from everyday life (reason for discontinuation of exercises, course of well-being or changes in symptoms) are prepared for the medical staff, which means that the findings can be directly processed or used. It should be noted that the medicalmotion app should not be regarded as a substitute for physiotherapeutic treatment or medical care.

7. The medicalmotion app - how it works

In the following sections, the individual areas of the medicalmotion app are described in detail to illustrate the easy handling of the app. If your patients have any questions regarding the use of the app, please feel free to contact us by e-mail ( For technical questions on the part of your patients, you are also welcome to refer to our app-internal chat function, so that you do not have to solve the technical problems of your patients.

7.1 Introduction and setup of the medicalmotion account

In the app's introduction, the patient is first given an initial questionnaire that asks about occupation, hobbies, daily exercise affinity, pain and problem areas, and current or previous medical conditions.

At the end of the introduction, the patient is asked in the app to provide his/her email address and a password of his/her choice to set up the medicalmotion account. We need the e-mail address so that we can contact the patient in the event of important product safety notifications. medicalmotion GmbH will never pass on the e-mail address to third parties or use it for advertising purposes.

If your patient has received an activation code for medicalmotion from the health insurance company, he/she can enter this at the beginning of the registration in the app.

As soon as the introduction, including the setup of the medicalmotion account, is completed, the app can be used for therapeutic training.

7.2 Structure of the medicalmotion app

In the medicalmotion app, patients are offered various functions of multimodal pain therapy. In addition to a card system, which makes it possible to choose between a movement card (for exercise recommendations) and a relaxation card, other additional functions are integrated. Under the Knowledge section, the patient is offered various podcasts on the topic of health. Furthermore, the patient has the possibility to contact us directly via the chat, to track his data and progress via the cockpit or his exercise suggestions in the profile.

7.3 The daily exercise session

For optimal adaptation of the exercise recommendations, the patient is asked two initial questions each day regarding his or her personal well-being and pain sensation using the NRS (Nummeric Rating Scale). For example, this ensures that if the patient is experiencing very severe pain, only exercises that do not overload the muscles or tissues on that day are selected. In addition, this information is one of the ways the app learns which types of exercise and which specific exercises are most effective for patients.

The questions are pointed out to the patient:in under the exercise card. Subsequently, the patient:in is shown his or her daily exercises including information about the required aids and the target effect. In addition, the patient can see how many exercises have already been completed, how long the training lasts and how often the training has already been performed within the week (weekly target). If the patient suffers from further/other pains on this day, these can be indicated and included in the daily recommendation. By clicking on the Start training button, the daily exercise session can begin.

Example of an exercise plan:


After the training has been started, the exercise execution is guided with a video and corresponding verbal instructions. The way the exercises are addressed motivates the patient to participate directly. This means that the patient can follow the instructions in real time.

During each exercise, it is possible to pause the exercise, jump to a certain point in the video or skip the exercise completely. If the patient wants to skip the exercise, he/she is asked for the reason, so that this information can be used to tailor the exercise selection even better to him/her in the future.


To make the transition from one exercise to the next pleasant, a preview of the following exercise is displayed for a short period between each exercise. Here it is possible to pause this transition phase in order to extend the transition phase. It is also possible to skip the following exercise directly or to cancel the transition phase and continue directly with the announced exercise.


After completing his/her daily exercise session, the patient is asked for feedback on the individual exercises. On the one hand, the exercise itself is evaluated and on the other hand, it can be indicated whether new pain or problem areas have emerged. This is necessary to adapt future exercise recommendations to the individual needs of the patient.


After the feedback is given, an overview is displayed, which contains as information the number of exercises performed as well as training days completed, in order to drive the patient:s motivation forward.


7.3 Relaxation exercises

Mental relaxation and awareness of one's own body are necessary for health and well-being, especially in modern everyday life. For this reason, the medicalmotion app offers various relaxation and breathing exercises in addition to the daily exercise recommendations. To do this, the patient selects the card for relaxation. Here the patient can choose from various relaxation and breathing exercises with different running times.


7.4 Knowledge area

Via the Knowledge button in the menu bar, the patient:in can access a variety of exciting and informative podcasts on general topics such as exercise in everyday life, body basics and stress management, as well as recommendations for specific types of complaints.


7.5 Chat area

In the chat section, patients have the possibility to contact physiotherapists directly or to be redirected to our technical support if help is needed or if there are any queries. If patients have problems with exercises, our physiotherapists can make changes to the recommendations and adapt them to patients.


7.6 Profile area

The Profile section contains an overview of the active days and the number of exercises performed. In addition, an exercise diary can be called up that shows the exercises that have been performed most recently. In addition, all information about membership, instructions for use and the account can be accessed here. Patients can also set their own weekly training goals and reminders.


7.7 Weekly questionnaire

In order to better follow the patient's developments and therapy successes and to ensure optimal exercise recommendation, the patient receives the GROC scale (Global Rating of Change Scales) on a weekly basis to be able to evaluate the development. This also serves as a reminder, among other things, that the patient regularly updates the information on their pain areas so that exercise selection can continue to be carried out in the event of changes.


7.7 Health cockpit

In the Cockpit section there is a summary of personal data, an overview of body areas, the possibility of updating pain areas and creating a health report.


Under the personal information section, personal information can be changed, such as health and lifestyle information.


Under the section your body areas all body areas are listed, which currently show discomfort or pain. In addition, the pain history and pain quality can be viewed.


In the section create health report a PDF report can be created, which can be shared with doctors and therapists. The PDF report contains data on the course of well-being as well as the general feeling of pain. In addition, body tables are used to show which areas of the body are causing discomfort. In addition, data on activity (exercise duration, number) is presented in a format. In order to get an overview of problem areas, the PDF report summarizes the exercises that had to be discontinued by the patient or which new areas of discomfort were identified.


8. Contact

medicalmotion GmbH (abbreviated in the text as medicalmotion)
Base-Co Working space
Blütenstraße 15, 80799
Munich, Germany

If you, as a user or treating physician/therapist, notice a deterioration in your patient's health condition that may be related to the use of medicalmotion therapy, please contact us immediately.

If you require a paper version of these instructions for use, please also contact us.

medicalmotion is a class I medical device.